Quality policy 

Danvaegt A/S would like to be regarded as a a supplier that provides a service of excellent and professional quality, characterised my many years of know-how derived from the production of scales. Up until now we have been among the best and most reputable companies on the European market, and we want this to continue.

We look at quality as a whole, namely supplying the right product, of the required quality, at the right time, with the right service and customer care, and products that stand the test of time.

The quality experience is segmented according to the markets and customer segments that we occupy, and Danvaegt A/S would like to match the individual segment’s quality experience. 

But we will not compromise when it comes to professionalism, and for that reason we don’t design and supply products that, due to the choice of materials, choice of electrical equipment or similar, must be regarded as secondary or risky and with which we, in the short term, can no longer provide a service to our customers without substantial extra costs. 

For this reason, we only use electronics from large professional suppliers who we trust and who we believe have potential for further development. The designs are dimensioned for the current load cases so that a high degree of design safety is achieved.